gay london bars clubs cruisingLondon is well known for its vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, club culture, anything goes mentality and abundance of leisure and recreation activities available.  The gay scene in London does not disappoint with a number of underground and main stream venues. Amongst the most popular of the mainstream are those such as Heaven, G.A.Y and Fire amongst numerous bars in the Soho district of London catering to the gay scenes clientele. There are a number of bars such as GAY Late and GAY bar which are affiliated to the club by the same name, as well as  Ku Bar, Barcode and  First Out a short distance away in Covent Garden. The gay scene isn’t in just one location but quite widely spread out with Clubs in embankment, Vauxhall and even the O2 arena for instance which makes it very different to many other major Cities in the UK where the gay scene is usually predisposed to one select area.

The London Pride is a major event drawing crowds from all over the world to join in with the gaiety of the hip and trendy event. If your in London you are bound to find a club or bar that tickles your fancy never mind what your fetishes maybe!!!

gay porn bars berlinBerlin is one of the top destinations to visit in Europe for gay guys. You are literally spoilt for choice with the many gay bars and gay clubs along with sex shops and gay friendly restaurants. Be warned though many of the gay venues do not allow women in (although some do) but it’s quite different in that respect from going to gay venues in other European Countries.

So, the top places to visit for gay venues in Berlin are the districts of Schoneberg and Kreuzberg. These are both on the Western side of Berlin. Also, a newer gay area is Friedrichshain which has been developed as another gay area with many gay clubs and cafes.

The good thing about Berlin is that many of the clubs and bars stay open very late – some until 8am the next morning so you can literally party your way all through the night! The public transport is also very goof with the U-bahn and S-bahn operating through the night in addition to the many bus services.

The gay bars in Berlin often offer darkrooms and saunas. It is quite different to going out in other European destinations such as England/France. However, it is definitely worth trying out this experience!!

gay bars parisParis is not only the capital of France but also the capital of romance and it is certainly the capital of gay romance too! Many gay guys live in Paris and even more head to the capital to take advantage of the hundreds of gay bars and clubs. The main gay zone within Paris is called Le Marais. This can be easily reached by the following three metro stations: Hotel, Rambuteau and Chatelet. The Paris Gay Pride is not be be missed. In 2011 it is schedled for 10 – 13th of June. In France they call it “Marche des Fiertes LGBT” so keep an eye out for that!

The area of Marais contains many narrow windowing streets and breathtaking buildings. Here you will find many gay bars and cafes. There are also gay shops and gay friendly restaurants to eat at. Gay Parisians are not too keen on obvious flirting! If you flirt too much you could come across as needy and scare them away! Having said that there are plenty of hot French guys for you to get to know! It’s a good idea to go out with a group of friends though especially if your French isn’t too good. Having said that many French guys do speak Engligh so you shouldn’t have too many problems! Bon Voyage!!

gay bars clubs brightonBrighton is known worldwide for it’s large selection of gay bars, pubs and clubs all on the seafront. On your next trip to brighton why not consider paying visit to the following…

Vavoom video bar – this funky bar has a video jukebox on constantly and large plasma screens to watch music videos on. It’s in the centre of Old Steine and next door to Club Revenge. It’s definitely a good place to get your evening started!!

R Bar – this is the bar next to Club Revenge. It often has drinks promotions on e.g. the barman tosses a coin and if you guess right you get your round doubled for free – perfect! They also often hand out free entry tickets to revenge in here so it’s worth popping in if you are planning to goto Revenge later.

Legends – this bar and club is further up the seafront. It’s normally open very late – I think the bar closes at around 5am. There is a terrace overlooking the sea which is very nice for sunny afternoons. The main bar is on ground level and then there is a club in the basement. The club doesn’t normally get busy until quite late but it is definitely worth a look!

Revenge club brighton gay ukThe revenge club can be seen as the heartland of the gay scene for any hot young man look to check out the local talent. This club is highly rated especially as it is based in the UK’s major gay destination of Brighton.

Most of the major events club wise with regards to the gay scene take place here. Check out the events, the pumping tunes on the different levels and your bound to find both the right scene and totty for you to take home at the end of a wicked night. You will find this legendary venue a few steps away from Brighton landmark pier, and numerous gay bars based along the seafront and St James Street.

There are loads of deals for young students donning their NUS cards. There is a roof top terrace at the venue for any smokers or those wishing to get a breather from the throngs of hot bods. You can sometimes get free entry to the venue by collecting a flyer from the R-Bar which you will probably frequent for a few bevys before dancing the night away.

Surat contains many fit gay guys plus lots of gay bars plus gay saunas!! The city is currently located 306 km south of state capital Gandhinagar, and also is currently situated on the left bank of the Tapti River, the centre being around 22 km from its mouth. Surat posesses an astonishing gay scene with many gay saunas plus gay clubs!! Surat is currently mentioned in the Sanskrit epic, the Mahābhārata, when Lord Krishna stopped there en route from Mathura to Dwarka. Guys come to Surat to take advantage of the very good gay atmosphere plus fit lads. Local traditions state that the city as we know it today was founded in the last years of the fifteenth century by a Brahman named Gopi, who called it Suryapūr. Check out the catalog of men and gay bars in Surat

Ipoh is where men go to find lots of fit gay men with many gay bars and gay cruising. Ipoh is currently the capital city of Perak state, Malaysia. Ipoh has an astonishing gay atmosphere with gay bars any many gay dance clubs!! Ipoh developed into one of Malaysia’s main cities around the turn of the 19th century due to the booming tin mining industry. Lads visit Ipoh for the brilliant gay environment, and fit men. 70% of Ipoh’s population is currently of Chinese origin. Check out the gallery of men and gay clubs in Ipoh

Tainan is home to loads of fit gay men in addition to many bars plus gay cruising! Tainan was initially established by the Dutch East India Company as a ruling and also trading base which called Fort Zeelandia during the period of Dutch rule on Taiwan. Tainan has a gay atmosphere with gay saunas plus gay dance clubs!! Archaeological revelations of Zuozhen people in the township of Zuozhen suggest that the Tainan region had been inhabited for at least 20,000 to 31,000 years. Guys visit Tainan because of the great gay environment, plus hunky lads. By late 16th century, Chinese tradesmen and also fishermen had set up several bases along the west coast of Taiwan including a sandbar across the Taijiang inner sea off the bay of Sakam. Check out the library of lads and gay bars in Tainan

Wuhu is where men go to find many hunky gay guys plus lots of bars & gay cruising!! The prefecture-level city of Wuhu administers 7 county-level divisions, including 4 districts and also 3 counties. Wuhu posesses one of the best gay scene with many gay bars and also gay discos! According to the statistics by the end of 2008, the total population was estimated to be 2,263,123 whom 1,009,824 live in the 4 urban districts and also 964,932 in the built up area made of 3 out of 4 urban districts. Men come to Wuhu for its great gay atmosphere and sexy lads. Wuhu is currently known to have been inhabited since at least 770 BCE. Check out the gallery of guys and gay clubs in Wuhu

Magnitogorsk is where you find loads of sexy gay guys with lots of bars in addition to gay saunas!! It was named for the Magnitnaya Mountain that was almost pure iron, a geological anomaly. Magnitogorsk posesses a worthy gay scene with gay saunas and also gay clubs!! Magnitnaya was founded in 1743 as part of the Orenburg Line of forts. Guys visit Magnitogorsk to enjoy the brilliant gay atmosphere plus hunky lads. As a part of preparation for the Soviet Five-Year Plans in 1928 a Soviet delegation arrived in Cleveland to discuss with American consulting company Arthur G. Check out the library of men and gay bars in Magnitogorsk