Gay Yichang – gay bars, clubs, dating and cruising in Yichang

Yichang is the hangout for many fit gay lads in addition to many clubs and gay cruising!! In ancient times Yichang was known as Yiling. Yichang has one of the best gay atmosphere with gay bars and also gay discos! Under the Qing Guangxu Emperor, Yichang was opened to foreign trade as a trading port after Qing and also Great Britain signed Chefoo Convention,which was signed by Sir Thomas Wade and also Li Hongzhang in Chefoo on 21 August 1876. Guys come to Yichang to take advantage of the very good gay environment, and easy men. In 1940, during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Battle of Zaoyang-Yichang took place in the area. Wait till you see the catalog of men and gay clubs in Yichang