Gay Urfa – gay bars, clubs, dating and cruising in Urfa

Urfa is where you find many hunky gay men plus lots of gay bars and also gay cruising! The city had been known by many names in history: Ուռհա Owr’ha in Armenian, ܐܘܪܗܝ Urhai in Syriac, ره, الرها, al-Ruhā in Arabic, Ορρα, Orrha in Greek. Urfa posesses an astonishing gay scene with gay pubs and also gay dance clubs. Şanlı means “great, glorious, dignified” in Turkish, and also Urfa was officially renamed Şanlıurfa by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 1984, in recognition of the local resistance in the Turkish War of Independence. Men come to Urfa because of the great gay atmosphere and sexy lads. The history of Şanlıurfa is currently recorded from the 4th century BC, however may date back to 9000 BC, when there is currently ample evidence for the surrounding sites at Duru, Harran and also Nevali Cori. Enjoy the gallery of lads and gay bars in Urfa