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Seongnam is where guys go to find lots of sexy gay guys with lots of clubs & gay dating!! Seongnam, the first planned city in Korea’s history, was conceived during the era of President Park Chung-Hee for the purpose of industrializing the nation by concentrating electronic, textile, and also petrochemical facilities there during the 1970s and also 1980s. Seongnam has a worthy gay scene with many gay pubs and gay discos!! To accelerate the dispersion of Seoul’s population to its suburbs and also relieve the congested Seoul metropolitan area, the Korean government had provided stimulus packages to large public corporations and also private companies to be headquartered in the Bundang district. Guys visit Seongnam for the great gay environment, plus easy men. In recent years, a movement to have Seongnam designated a metropolitan city capable of governing itself had arisen. Enjoy the catalog of guys and gay clubs in Seongnam