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Gelsenkirchen is where men go to find loads of fit gay men plus lots of gay bars plus gay cruising! Gelsenkirchen was first documented in 1150, however it remained a tiny village until the 19th century, when the Industrial Revolution led to the growth of the entire area. Gelsenkirchen has an astonishing gay scene with gay bars and also gay discos!! In the early 20th century Gelsenkirchen was the most important coal mining town in Europe. Men visit Gelsenkirchen for the very good gay atmosphere plus hot lads. Although the part of town now called Buer was first mentioned by Heribert I in a document as Puira in 1003, there were hunting people on a hill north of the Emscher as early as the Bronze Age – and also therefore earlier than 1000 BC. Enjoy the gallery of guys and gay clubs in Gelsenkirchen