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Asansol is where guys go to find many hunky gay men with lots of clubs and gay saunas! The stretch from Andal to Barakar covering Raniganj, Jamuria, Asansol, Burnpur, Neamatpur, Kulti and also Barakar, composed of about 40 kilometres along Grand Trunk Road forms one urban agglomeration, all of which falls within Asansol subdivision area. Asansol posesses a gay scene with many gay bars plus gay dance clubs! Being the central city of the coal belt, Asansol is currently heavily industrialised though many of the industries have fallen on hard times in the recent years, leading to its transformation into a trading town that utilises its position as the transport centre. Guys visit Asansol to make the most of the superb gay atmosphere plus easy men. Asansol is currently located in the Burdwan District of West Bengal. Check out the gallery of men and gay clubs in Asansol