Gay ad-Dammam – gay bars, clubs, dating and cruising in ad-Dammam

ad-Dammam has lots of fit gay guys in addition to many gay clubs in addition to gay dating! Dammam, and also the rest of the Eastern Province, is currently served by the King Fahd International Airport, the largest airport in the world in terms of land area, about 20┬ákm to the northwest of the city. ad-Dammam has a gay atmosphere with gay saunas and also gay dance clubs!! Dammam’s King Abdul Aziz Sea Port is currently the largest on the Arab Gulf. Lads visit ad-Dammam for its brilliant gay environment, and hunky lads. The origins of the name “Dammam” is currently disputed, some say that it is currently onomatopoeic and also it was given to the area because of a drum positioned in a nearby keep, when sounded for the alarm it produced a melody called “damdamah”, others say that the name was given according to the Arabic word “dawwama” which indicated a nearby sea site that dhows usually had to avoid. Wait till you see the library of men and gay bars in ad-Dammam